No corkage explained…

No Corkage Venue

The Basics

What does no corkage mean?
No corkage means that a person can provide their own alcohol, commonly wine, to be served at an establishment at no additional cost.
A corkage fee is commonly charged by the bottle at many wedding venues & hotels for any alcohol to be provided by the person and not the establishment.

Deer Park Hall is a no corkage venue.
This enables you to bring in a selection of your desired drinks at no cost, thus ensuring that you can enjoy a favourite wine on your big day.
Our dedicated events team have listed below how this will work on your wedding day.

No Corkage Venue
No Corkage Venue

How it works

The bonus of providing your own wine is that you can choose exactly what you like.

You are able to provide 1 x 75cl bottle of wine, sparkling wine or champagne per adult guest attending your wedding breakfast.

You would purchase your alcohol from any establishment, whether this is a booze cruise to France, a trip to the local supermarket or wine merchants.
Here are a couple of wine merchants that we recommend locally if you need a helping hand:

Malpas Stallard
Majestic Wine

You would deliver your wine to Deer Park Hall in advance, we can store and your chosen approved caterer will serve throughout the day.

The free corkage allowance starts after your church/ceremony and will finish at the end of the wedding breakfast.

What to serve

To make the most out of your free corkage allowance we advise that you split the drinks into the following:

Reception Drinks ~  2 glasses per person

Wine for Wedding Breakfast ~ half a bottle of wine per person

Toast Drink ~ 1 glass per person


No Corkage Venue
No Corkage Venue

How much to provide

We have created a corkage calculator to help with your quantities needed:


The free corkage allowance is based on 1 bottle of wine, sparkling wine or champagne per adult guest.

Please ask a member of our Events Team should you prefer a different drink from the list. They can advise you on revised quantities needed.

Additional drinks

Should you be interested in providing a different drink alongside your free corkage allowance you are welcome to pre-order drinks from our Rut Bar at preferential rates.

Pimms is also available for those who prefer it to bubbles – you will need to substitute 3 bottles of wine for 1 bottle of Pimms & lemonade – our dedicated events team are happy to assist with the recommended quantities needed for your wedding party.
We also have The Rut Bar, this is a fully stocked & staffed bar situated in the Bredon Room.
It is a perfect place for guests to get their favourite drink during the evening.

No Corkage Venue