Little Retro Kitchen

Little Retro Kitchen is a damily run business based in Worcestershire that specialise in serving fresh local produce in a brand new catering trainer, inspired by the American Airstream trailer designs. The retro silver trailer is eye catching, the food is cooked fresh to order & the excellent service is second to none.

100 Local Hotdogs, Burgers or Bacon Rolls for £695


Pizza in the Park

100 Gourmet Worcestershire Burgers topped with locally sourced Worcester Gold Cheese, wild rocket & onions served in fresh bread roll


100 Gourmet Bockwurst Hot Dogs Naturally Smoked over Beechwood served in fresh hot dog roll topped with onions  


100 Dry Cured Worcestershire Local Produce Bacon Baps


100 Spicy Bean Burgers  served with vegetarian cheese, wild rocket & onions served in fresh bread roll

Prices to include branded condiments, disposable plates & napkins & Kilner jars filled with Jalapenos for guests to spice up their food!

The above choices can be served can be served in ratios should you desire, e.g. 50 Burgers/50 Hot Dogs


Pizza in the Park

Example Menu Package:

Worcestershire Gourmet Burger topped with Worcester Gold  and/or Bockwurst Hot Dog

Served with side of fries & Rainbow Slaw

Branded Condiments, plates & napkins.   £9.95 head


Pizza in the Park

Extras/add-ons available to include:

Fries & Rainbow Slaw

Different cheese toppings such as Chilli Cheese & Worcester Sauce & Shallot Cheese – all locally produced in Worcestershire & great on Gourmet Burgers

Locally produced Bennets Ice Cream – served in pots along with sprinkles & your choice of sauce (£350 for 100 ice cream pots)

Popcorn & Retro Sweets served in retro bags

Contact Info

Sue Nash

01562 861446 or 07870801644